• Director: Arash Aneessee
  • Screenplay: Arash Aneessee
  • Director of Photography : Farid Tahmasbi
  • Editing: Arash Aneessee
  • Music: Milad Mouvahedi
  • Sound Designer: Zohreh Ali Akbari
  • Sound Recordist: Vahid  Razavian
  • Set Designer: Pourai Akhvan
  • Costume Designer : Sadaf Saleh Izadkhast
  • Make-Up Artist: Mohsen Darsanj
  • Photo by: Behnoush Mansouri
  • Production Manager: Mehdi Barzegar
  • Executive Producer : Mehdi Barzegar
  • Producer: Majid Barzegar
  • Production Company: Rainy Picture   www.rainypictures.com
  • International Sales: Rainy Picture   www.rainypictures.com
  • CAST
  • Rouya Afshar . Amir Norouzi . Erfan Ebrahimi . Amir Shams . Shaghayegh Shourian 
  • Shooting format: SONY FS7. 2k.
  • Screening format: DCP
  • Sound: 5.1 Surround
  • Ratio: 2.39:1
  • Original version: Persian
  • Subtitled in: English
  • Running time: 111 min
  • Year: 2020
  • Fiction – Color – 111 min – 2020 – Iran

“Maman” is the life story of a mother narrated by her little son, Ahmad. A life full of ups and downs that made out of her, at the beginning of the age sixty-five, a character, seemingly, the biggest obstacle to the happiness of her sons. In the wake of the detentions caused by the revolution, she had fired together with her husband, and following devastating war between Iran and Iraq and the loss of her home and life, despite of her love for Muhammad, she ended her marriage. The love and separation their result is three boys who are now in their middle age. Not long after his father’s death, Fereydoon, the oldest son, takes a leap in the dark and shares with his mother the story of his fondness for Fereshteh, one of his colleagues. Maman, who now is a taxi driver and is aware of the state of Fereydoon and the family, tries to stop him from getting married. But with the intervention of Ahmed and Peyman, the younger brothers, she agrees to play the role of mother of the family. This, however, is the beginning of the Fereydon’s marriage and every time something happens that makes her regretful of what she has done. Nevertheless, Fereydoon, who is at the beginning of the age forty, tries every time to make Maman to accompany with him, till he reveals to her his biggest obstacle:  the obstacle that has little to do with her, but the key to overcome it is in the hands of “Maman”.

Mother,Arash Aneesi,Photo By Behnoosh Mansouri 1399




Arash Aneessee

Arash Aneessee is born in Iran in 27th of June 1981. He got his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 2006 from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, while he had started studying filmmaking seriously a few years before and he had made 2 short movies by then. Following his passion in cinema, he got accepted in 5th ranked in the master program of film directing at Tehran university of Art, the largest art university in the middle east. He graduated in January 2011 with his thesis on “A schizophrenia cinema, an introduction on national Iranian cinema”. Although during his study he was involved in several professional projects as an editor, after graduation he focused more on movie writing and directing and so far, he has written and directed more than 13 short movies and two long documentaries which have received several awards from Iranian festivals. “MAMAN” is Arash Aneessee;s First Feature film.

Photo by: Behnoush Mansouri

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