Director: Behnam Abedi
Screenplay: Behnam Abedi / Hamed Hosseini Sangari
Director of Photography: Hamed Hosseini Sangari
Editing: Behnam Abedi
Set Designer: Ali Ghadirian
Costume designer: NedaTamimi
Sound: javadGhilamrezaei
Sound Design & Mix: javadGhilamrezaei
Producer: Majid Barzegar
Cast: Majid Norouzi (Private) Khosrow Shahraz (Chief) Majid Aghakarimi (Fisherman)

A police officer and a soldier are assigned to investigate a case when seven dead bodies were found across a little town beach. The dead bodies are some the psychopaths who escaped the madhouse last week and damaged some of the town properties during the past nights. The soldier sees a familiar face among the dead bodies, while they were taken out of the sea. The soldier insists that the body is alive but the police officer doesn’t pay attention and commands him to leave the dead man behind. The soldier comes back to the beach after a couple of minutes and there is no sign of that dead body.

Disappearing the dead body causes a tension between the police officer and the soldier.


Behnam Abedi




Behnam Abedi was born in 1991 in Tehran, Iran. After completing his education in graphic Design, he studied cinema in “ KARNAMEH film school ” . Since 2010 he works as a Photographer in the number of Iranian newspapers. He is studying drama at the “SOORE University of Tehran”.



2012 :PORTRE ( Portrait ) │ Fiction │4K │ Color │13min │

2015 :TARIK ROSHAN ( Gloaming ) │ Fiction │ 2K│ Color │ 15 min

2016 :WALHA ( Whales ) │ Fiction │4K │ Color │ 20 min

Farhad Yasavouli

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