Director: Hamed Rajabi
Screenplay: Hamed Rajabi
Director of Photography: Majid Gorjian
Editor: Esmaeel Monsef
Set Designer: Leila Naghdi Pari
Costume designer: Leila Naghdi Pari
Make-Up: Elham Salehi
Sound: Reza Tehrani
Sound Design & Mix: Hosein Abolsedgh
Production Manager: Mehdi Barzegar
Still Photographer: Ahmad Aghasiani
Script Supervisor: Fatemeh Fazeli
Production Company: BarzegarProduction
Producer: Majid Barzegar – Saeed Armand
Cast: Negar Javaherian (Nahal) – Rambod Javan (Babak)

Color, 2K, 16:9, 88 min, 2015, Iran – France


Nahâl, is four months pregnant when she learns that her child has died and that she must have an abortion within two days. She knows that by revealing this to her husband and her family she will need to resume an anti-depressant treatment like before. But time has come to reveal her relatives that her problems are part of the false middle class life she is living.


Hamed Rajabi

Hamed Rajabi graduated in Cinema from Tehran University and attended the Berlinale Talent Campus in Berlin. As a Director Hamed Rajabi’s works include one documentary and more than eight short films in the last 13 years, many of which were selected at film Festivals. As a scriptwriter he has written two feature films: “Parviz” in 2012 (selected at more than 30 festivals, among which San Sebastian, Sao Paulo, Rotterdam, etc.) & “Rainy seasons” in 2010 (also selected at many festivals, among which Rotterdam, Montreal, etc.)

*-65th Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlinale-Panoram, Germany. February 05-15, 2015.
*-18th Shanghai International Film Festival, 上海国际电影节 China. June 13-21, 2015. « Spectrum » section.
*-Festival Internacional de Cine de Valencia-Cinema Jove, Spain. June 19-26, 2015. « Official Competition » section.
*-51st Pesaro International Film Festival, Italy. June 20-27, 2015. « Pesaro Nuovo Cinema Competition ».
*-Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival, Toronto, Canada. November 06-14, 2015. « Non Competitive Festival »
*-2nd Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, Australia. November 19-29, 2015. « The Colours of Asia Pacific » section.
*-8th This Human World, Human Rights Film Festival, Vienna, Austria. December 03-12, 2015. « Competition Program ».
*-5th Iranian Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic. « Competitive Section »
Prague: January 13-17, 2016 │Brno: January 19-20, 2016 │Bratislava: January 28-30, 2016
*-Edinburgh Iranian Film Festival, Scotland, UK. February 19-21, 2016. Venue: Filmhouse Cinema, « Non Competitive Festival »
*-12th Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival, Norway. March 8-13, 2016. « Cinerama » section.
*-Hamarama Film Festival, Hamar, Norway. March 9-13, 2016. « Non Competitive Festival »

* Winner of : *FIPRESCI’s Award* at the 65th Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlinale-Panoram, Germany, 2015.

photo by ahmad aghasiani

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