• Director: Suzan Iravanian
  • Screenplay: Suzan Iravanian
  • Director of Photography: Ramzi Hibri, Sajad Avarand
  • Editing: Majid Barzegar, Suzan Iravanian
  • Sound Recorder: Sasan Kave
  • Sound Mixer: Amir Hossein Ghasemi
  • Set & Costume Designer: Keyvan Gharaee nezhad
  • Make-Up:
  • Production Manager: Keyvan Gharaee nezhad
  • Producers: Majid Barzegar
  • Production Company: Barzegar Production
  • Co-Production Company: Kaveh Farnam. Media Nest
  • Cast: Armik Gharibian (Foziye) – Ziba Eslamloo (Jale) – Hasti Khaledi (Leila) – Saeed Saeedy (Saeed) – Mohammad Saleh Ghetmiri (Mohammad) – Keyvan Gharaee Nezhad (Ahmadshah)

Crude oil that comes out of a middle aged woman’s body, Foziye, is on one hand empowering her and on the other hand bringing paranoia and uncertainty to her life and when a male paranoia is built up against her body’s malfunction and oil is trivialized and is just there to solve some small family issues and her quest to immigrate to Germany, the condition gets exacerbated with her body stops functioning altogether and bringing other characters to the forefront in the ensuing mayhem.


Suzan Iravanian

Born in 1985 in Shiraz, Iran, Suzan Iravanian holds a BA in art and architecture; she received an MA in cult film from Brunel University and an MA in filmmaking from the New York Film Academy. Since 2009 Iravanian has been involved in the production of shorts and documentaries. In the late 2015 she started the pre-production of her first feature film. Iravanian is also a writer, photographer and graphic designer. The 4th Character, 2009. writer, director and editor. Produced by New York Film Academy, set in the urban construction of Abu Dhabi. The Floating Volume, 2009. Writer, director and editor. Produced by New York Film Academy. Screened at Emirati Impressionist Exhibition, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, 2009. Songs from the Layers of Language, 2009. Writer, director and editor. Found Its Way, 2013 – leading editor.

  • 53th Karlovy vary film festival- Work in progress section

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