Taha Zaker

Art & Graphic Manager
Taha Zaker / Born 1987 Tehran
Lives and works in Tehran
Azad University Art & Architecture (B.A) , Tehran / Graphic Design
Member of The Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds
1999 Received Honorable Mention of Top Student from The President Khatami
2003 Received Honorable Mention of Visual Arts, Art Young
2009 Nominated for The Best Movie Poster in The 14th Iranian House of Cinema Celebration
2010 Certification of Attendance United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
2010 Selected Movie by Parvin International Documentary Film Festival
2010 Selected by jury for 26th International Film Festival for Children & Young Adults
2014 Design Fajr International Film Festival Poster
2015 Selected by International Poster Triennial in japan
2015 Chosen as the best 100 art works for graphis magazine
2015 Received Gold medal of grafis
2015 Received Honorable Mention of jury for Bitter Dream Film Poster
2015 Nominated Crystal Simorgh for Best Poster Fajr International Film Festival
2015 Received Bronze Medal of The 11th International Poster Triennial in Toyama
2015 Chosen poster for The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama japan
2015 Selected by ISPB Lublin Biennale Competition in Poland
2016 Invited by Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic DesignArt & Graphic Manager
2010 The First Magazine of Dubbed & Sound
2010 The 4th Book Review Film Festival
2012 The First Kish Book Review Film Festival
2012 The First Islamic Repablic Screenwriters Festival
2013 – 2009 The 11th & 12th Book Review Film Festival of Resistance (Revolution and Sacred Defense)
The 5 Consecutive Period of Book Review Film Festival
The 3th & 4th Book Review Polic Film Festival
Road & Building Department Magazine from No 78
2014 – 2010 The 5 Consecutive Period of Book Review International Fajr Film Festival
2014 – 2010 The 5 Consecutive Period of Book Review International Verite Film Festival
Tehran International Symposium on Set & Costume Design

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