Orod Darvishi - Writer and Director

Orod Darvish

Writer, Director & Producer

Orod is a London based British-Iranian filmmaker. With his BA degree in Industrial Design he worked as a designer/creative director in late 90s. In 2005 In pursuing his passion of becoming a filmmaker Orod quit his job and joined a media course at Westminster University specialising in Film & Video Production.

During these years Orod wrote, produced and directed several short films including Maybe Tomorrow 2006, The Ring 2007 and The Sound of Silence 2009.

After graduation, whilst working, Orod continued writing and managed to complete his first feature length script ‘The Outcast’ in 2014.

When looking for a new job Orod came across a police recruiting ad and being an adventurous and daring person he applied, passed the exams and in 2012 joined London Metropolitan Police. Continuing with his writing, in 2016 Orod completed his second feature length script ‘Untitled’ and founded his production company Darville Visions, in the following year.

In 2018 whilst filming ‘Untitled’ (Now in post-production at Rainy Pictures) in Tehran/Iran, Orod was introduced to Majid BARZEGAR. After initial meetings throughout the following weeks the two forged a friendship and subsequently Orod joined Rainy Pictures aiming to create a bilateral IRAN-UK indie filmmaking collaboration.


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