Director: Nader T. Homayoun
Screenplay: PhillippeBlasband, Nader T. Homayoun
Director of Photography: RémiMazet
Editor: Nelly Quettier
Set Designer: Julia Lemaire and SiamakKarinejad
Costume designer: Anne-Marie Glacalone and SiamakKarinejad
Make-Up: Sandra Loock, EhsanRonasi and Shiva Pakniat
Sound: Cédric Deloche
Sound Design & Mix: Gwennolé Le Borgne and Gildas Mercier

Production Manager: Marie-Frédérique Lauriot-Dit-Prevost in France, Mehdi Barzegar in Iran
Still Photographer: Ahmad Aghasiani.David Koskas and FlorentTravia
Production Manager: Marie-Frédérique Lauriot-Dit-Prevost in France, Mehdi Barzegar in Iran
Producer: Nicolas Blanc. Majid Barzegar
Cast: GolabAdineh(ParvanehFarshtchi )BabakHamidian(MortezaFarshtchi) Aurélia Petit (Aurore)Michel Vuillermoz (Hugues) Zhuoer Zhu (Lin)

Color, 4K, 16:9, 100 min, 2016, Iran – France

While supposedly taking mud baths in Korea, the”paterfamilias” of a family from Tehran’s Grand Bazaar dies of a sudden heart attack in… Brive-la-Gaillarde inprovincial France!

His wife and his oldest son travel to France to bringhis body home and to investigate the circumstances of his death.They are in for one surprise after another…

Nader T. HOMAYOUN©David Koskas-OK


Born in 1968 in Paris, he discovers the Islamic Revolution in Iran at 9. After receiving the French Bachelor’s program, he studies literature and leads his journalism and film critic career.

In1993, he comes back to France and graduates his FEMIS directing degree in 1997; then he starts his filmaking career alternating fiction and documentary. In 2000, his short film C’est pour bientôt is selected at the Venice Film Festival. In 2005, he directs the documentary Iran, a cinematic revolution, ordered and broadcast by Arte, which will be nominated in numerous festivals including Toronto, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, LosAngeles. Tehran, his first full-length fiction film, won the Critic Prize at the Venice Film Festival in 2009 and the Grand Jury Prize at the Angers Festival


He is currently preparing his next film: On compterales poussins à la fin de l’automne.On the sidelines of his activities, Nader presides over the association « Cinéma(s) d’Iran », an active association in the promotion of Iranian movies through a monthly film club and an annual festival.

*-Luchon Festival 2016: 5 awards including Best Fiction, Best Director, Best Script, Best Actress, Best Soundtrack and the Public Prize

*-French Film Festival of La Colcoa 2016: Jury Prize, Public Prize

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